No Nonsense Buying

Unique Motorcycle Buying Nationwide Support Service

Reduce the risk when buying your next used bike

Try our novel nationwide used motorbike buying service

We inspect, HPI check, buy, collect and deliver your next bike - before you part with a penny

You know how it goes. You spent hours pouring over eBay and AutoTrader, hunting for the perfect used bike. You find what looks like a cracking deal and get excited. Then you realise it's miles away. Is it worth the time, fuel and van hire to simply uncover a lemon? Will I spot any problems?

Wouldn't it be great if a qualified mechanical engineer could do the miles to inspect the bike and HPI check it for you. Wouldn't it be great if they could buy the bike and bring it back. What if you could then decide whether you actually want to part with your hard earned cash for the bike?

Even if we bring the bike back and you don't like something about it, that's fine. If you spot the smallest of stone chips, you're not obligated to buy the bike from us. We'll either sell it to you for the agreed price, or we'll simply find another buyer to recoup our money.

So what's the catch?

Thankfully, we're bringing the no nonsense approach of our bike servicing to this unique motorbike buying service.

Unsurprisingly, we do charge a fee for our time, expertise and fuel. For the inspection, HPI check, buying, collection and delivery service, the cost is just £250.00 inc. VAT; or less than the cost of one wasted trip!

If your new (to you) bike needs an MOT or you'd like it to be serviced before you swing your leg over, we offer a 10% discount on motorcycle MOTs and servicing with the full buying service.

If you don't want the inspections and checks, just someone to collect and delivery your bike, anywhere in the UK, that's just £150.00 inc. VAT