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Are there any parts on your motorbike more important than your brakes? Because they could save your life - just as much as they can shave seconds off your lap times - we don't think so.

It pays to look after your brakes. From keeping on top of pad wear and piston movement, to the condition of your master cylinder seals and brake hoses. If any individual component of your motorcycle brake set up isn't performing at 100%, you're not only taking a risk but you're also unlikely to be as confident as you could be on the bike.

Whether you're looking to get the most out of your OEM motorcycle brakes or upgrading to aftermarket parts, MD Racing can give you the advice and services necessary to make sure your motorcycle brakes are working safely and efficiently.

We are Brembo specialists and approved stockist but we can advise you on any manufacturer's aftermarket parts and upgrades. Motorcycle brake parts aren't cheap, so tell us what you're looking to get out of your braking system and we'll highlight the tweaks and upgrades which will give you the best value for money.

Price Guide for Brake Servicing

Typical Motorcycle Brake Service Packages

Brake Fluids

Brake Service Task


Front Brake Fluid Change & Bleed

£40.00 incl VAT£33.33 excl VAT

Rear Brake Fluid Change & Bleed

£20.00 incl VAT£16.67 excl VAT

If you need a brake fluid change, check out our motorcycle service packages too as they could offer you the best value for money.

Brake Pads

Brake Service Task


Front Non-Sintered Pads (one side)

£36.00 incl VAT£30.00 excl VAT

Front Non-Sintered Pads (two sides)

£69.95 incl VAT£58.29 excl VAT

Rear Non-Sintered Pads

£27.50 incl VAT£22.92 excl VAT

Fitting Brake Pads (per caliper)

£26.00 incl VAT£21.67 excl VAT

Fitting covers 30 minutes labour per caliper which includes caliper cleaning, piston check, component inspection, anti-corrosion paste and anti-squeal spray

Brake Discs

Brake Service Task


Typical Front Brake Discs (per disc)

£140.00 - £340.00 incl VAT£116.67 - £283.33excl VAT

Fitting Brake Discs (per disc)

£26.00 incl VAT£21.67 excl VAT

Prices can vary depending on your specification. Why not have your tyres or brake pads fitted at the same time to make the most of the labour.

Brake Master Cylinders

Brake Service Task


Upgraded Front Brake Master Cylinder

£100.00 - £350.00 incl VAT£83.33 - £291.67 excl VAT

Fitting Brake Master Cylinder

£108.00 incl VAT£90.00 excl VAT

Brake Master Cylinder fitting includes brake fluid change, brake system bleed and inspection of all brake components.

All labour hours and prices are given as an estimate only. Variance may occur between makes and models, vehicle condition and the custom requirements of each owner. All prices are quoted inclusive of VAT, so no hidden surprises.