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Motorcycle MOTs in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Motorbike MOTs for just £29.65

MOT Testing Carried Out On-Site While You Wait

MOTs Arranged at Short Notice

MD Racing are certified to carry out MOTs on-site. We can also take bookings at short notice if required. Just give us a ring and we'll book you into the next available motorcycle MOT slot.

As VOSA are keen to point out, the MOT test does not cover the condition or serviceability of your motorbike's engine, clutch or gearbox. So if your motorbike is due a scheduled service (beit it an annual or major motorcycle service), or if you believe you may have a problem with your bike, we can carry out any servicing or diagnosis when you're booked in for an MOT. Saves you a return visit.

If it makes it easier, you can leave your motorbike with us at the garage all day whilst you head off to work. Alternatively, we can book your MOT for a particular time slot and do it while you wait - and flick through a few of our bike mags to find out what your next pride and joy might be!

We only charge £29.65 for a motorcycle MOT. The time slots start from 8.30am and run every half an hour until 5.30pm (weekdays).

Why not run through our handy motorcycle MOT checklist below so you know what we, as the MOT tester, will be checking.

Guide to Class 1 & 2 Motorbike MOTs

What Is Your Motorcycle MOT Tester Looking For

There are some vitally important components to your motorcycle that an MOT tester needs to check in order to ensure they meet minimum legal requirements at the time of the MOT test. This ensures your bike is safe to ride to protect not only yourself, but all of the other road users. If you're worried about anything on your motorbike in particular, let us know before the MOT test. We will be able to tell you VOSA's guidance on the issue and / or apply a safe fix to your motorbike so you can ride away with peace of mind.


Checking the condition, operation, security and correct colour of headlamp(s), rear lights, indicators and reflectors. Also the headlamp(s) will be checked to see if the aim is correct.

Steering & Suspension

Checking the condition, security and operation (including forks, mountings, controls, bearings etc).

Wheels & Tyres

Checking the wheel condition and security, tyre condition, size/type and legal tread depth (at least 1mm across 3/4 of the breadth of the tread and a continuous band around the entire circumference).


Checking the frame is free from cracks, damage, distortion or corrosion which is likely to affect the steering or brakes.


Checking the condition, operation and performance (efficiency test), brake controls.

Fuel & Exhaust System

Checking for leaks, that all is complete, secure, and not too noisy.

Wheel Alignment

Checking for correct alignment of front and rear wheels.


Checking the attachment, suspension, wheel bearings, wheel alignment, lights and tyres of the sidecar.

Body & Structure

Checking the condition and security of final drive, foot rests and seat.


Checking the correct operation and the correct type.

Registration Plates

Checking the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) / Frame No. are present, legible and correct.