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Motorcycle Servicing With A No Nonsense Approach

Routine and Bespoke Motorcycle Servicing

Service Schedules for All Manufacturers Are Covered

No Nonsense Motorcycle Servicing

The approach we take in our workshop is one of "no nonsense motorcycle servicing". We give honest advice and transparent pricing. No upsells. No surprises. Simple as that.

Each bike manufacturer outlines a different service schedule or list of checks / routine replacements. Don't worry. MD Racing can cover any service schedule - from your annual fluid changes and checks to your major 12,000 mile service.

It's worth noting that MD Racing conducts several extra checks and modifications during any motorcycle service. These are undertaken in common problem areas that can be eliminated by preventative maintenance.

For anything more than routine service schedules, we can start you off with an hour in the workshop and full use of our diagnostic tools to pin down the problem. If we can fix your bike within the hour, that's all you pay. No extra "diagnostic fees".

If the fix requires more time or replacement parts, we won't start work without your say so. We'll let you know what we find and give you a clear cost for any OEM parts (and the aftermarket alternatives). It's your bike and your choices.

Those of you who are members of the Ducati Sporting Club are welcome to a 10% discount on labour. And don't forget we also offer a collection and delivery service to and from the workshop.

Price Guides for Scheduled Servicing

Typical Motorcycle Service Schedules and Costs

Each motorbike has a different servicing requirement. The manufacturers will recommend a unique service schedule and attention for particular components for every model. The price of those components can vary significantly. The age, condition and the specific model will also affect the time required to the job properly.

As an example, the service costs for a post-2006 Ducati can be as much as 50% cheaper than earlier models. At MD Racing, we only charge you for the time required to service your bike, not a pre-defined average price.

You'll find us cheaper than the main Ducati dealers (some of which are charging more than £90.00 plus VAT per hour for their workshop labour! Compare that to our standard workshop labour hourly rate of £50 excl VAT / £60 incl VAT and it's easy to see how you can get better value with us. And don't forget, we're also factory trained and have all of the diagnostic and specialist manufacturer tools in the workshop to carry out any servicing tasks.

For the very best pricing to service your motorbike, please call us on 07783 024 248.

Not Riding a Ducati?

Even though we're Ducati factory trained, we're not exclusive to Ducati owners! We're as comfortable, qualified and experienced with the major manufacturer and we can carry out servicing to any manufacturers service schedule. Please call us on 07783 024 248 for the best service price for your bike.

Ducati Service Schedules

Service Task

600 Mile / 1st Service

6,000 Mile Service

12,000 Mile Service

Engine oil & oil filter change

Chassis service

Nut/bolt torque check

Chain clean, lube & tension

Fluid levels (top up where required)

Inspect brake pad thickness/condition

Electrical check

All lights / signal operation

Headlamp beam alignment

Bulb replacement where required

Pre-MOT inspection & service

Top end engine inspection

Assess rocker wear

Inspect & adjust valve clearances

Re-tension timing belts

Engine oil & oil filter change

Air filter change

Fuel filter & new fuel tank O-ring

Spark plug replacement

Chassis service (incl. nut & bolt check)

Remove & clean brake pads

Inspect & clean brake calipers

Apply anti squeal paste to brake pads

Clutch service

Electrical check

Checking all known issues & recalls

Replace brake & clutch fluids

Crank nut check (threadlock wear means loose nut)

Replace timing belts