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Motorcycle Suspension

Suspension Set Ups, Servicing and Upgrades

Suspension Consultations for Road and Track

Here's a worrying fact: 90% of the motorcycle suspension consultations carried out by MD Racing reveal the front forks do not share the same settings! That's even harder to believe when you know how much of a difference a proper set up can make to your motorbike's handling.

Fortunately MD Racing have got bags of experience working on motorcycle suspension set ups and upgrades. We are equally experienced at making fine tweaks to your track bike's suspension and getting the most out of OEM suspension parts used for road riding.

We offer motorcycle suspension consultations which see your bike's suspension set up to your "laden" rider bodyweight (including kit). You choose to have your suspension set-up for road, trackday or race use.

We can set up existing suspension systems for a consultation and adjustment fee of £60 excl VAT / £72 incl VAT. The suspension consultation will analyze and adjust compression, rebound and preload settings for rider's weight, type and style of riding.

Suspension Geometry Set Up

To make the most of your system it should be set to operate using the optimum geometry for your application, whether road, race or trackdays. This can be purchased in addition to suspension consultation for £40 excl VAT / £48 incl VAT. The geometry consultation will analyze and adjust such settings as swingarm angle, squat geometry (rear acceleration grip), headstock steering angle etc.

We can supply and fit uprated suspension fork springs, damper rod internals, cartridge kits and uprated rear suspension shock absorber units to suit your requirements. Some riders may have a requirement to further tune their motorcycle suspension by having the internal shim stacks and springs replaced with supersport kits.

To have your race / track bike geometry analysed to 0.01mm, resulting in a 2D C.A.D. sketch of your bike's geometry, we use MotoGP technology called "Computrack" to measure all chassis / suspension points to give exact, real time measurements. The final sketch given to you has all geometry measurements and calculations which are vital when adjusting / setting up a racing chassis.

Price Guide for Suspension

Typical Motorcycle Suspension Services

Suspension Set Up

Suspension Service Task


Suspension Consultation

£72.00 incl VAT£60.00 excl VAT

Suspension Geometry Set Up

£48.00 incl VAT£40.00 excl VAT

Suspension Servicing & Re-Builds

Suspension Service Task


Re-Build of Front Suspension Forks (parts & labour)

£240.00 incl VAT£200.00 excl VAT

Re-Build of Rear Suspension Shock (parts & labour)

£180.00 incl VAT£150.00 excl VAT

Uprated Front Springs (pair)

£90.00 incl VAT£75.00 excl VAT

Uprated Rear Springs

£90.00 incl VAT£75.00 excl VAT

Front fork re-build includes all dust seals, fork oil, oil seals, custom oil weight and level (air gap).
Rear shock re-build includes a re-gas, new oil seals, piston and stancion check, scrapper rings.
There is no extra labour to change the front fork or rear shock springs whilst we're servicing your suspension components.

All labour hours and prices are given as an estimate only. Variance may occur between makes and models, vehicle condition and the custom requirements of each owner. All prices are quoted inclusive of VAT, so no hidden surprises.